Do you have a quick start checklist to help people get better results with silk painting?

Do you have a quick start checklist -- yes!

Great question! “Do you have a quick start checklist to help people get better results with silk painting?”

Checklists are the most basic of tools to learn a new technique, skill or process, and are a great way to take the pressure off the student.

If you’re learning something new, and you follow a Checklist, you know you can use that Checklist over and over, so you breathe easier knowing you don’t have to remember every single step.

Over the years my students have let me know how important these Checklists are, and how they have even added in additional steps when creating new techniques of their own. Here are a couple I provide in my Silk Painting Courses online:

Quick start checklist for silk painting students

I often tell students that it’s a great idea to have these kinds of lists for lots of things related to your art — and I have a great example I used to use all the time when I taught classes at local community centres.

My list was laminated and was attached to a set of fold-up suitcase wheelies. On this list was absolutely everything I needed to have for the upcoming class. Everything fit into 3 large plastic containers, which then stacked on the wheelies, and I would run the through the list before securing them with octopus straps.

I no longer teach in Community Centres because I have my own Art Studio where students can visit, but I have kept those laminated lists 🙂

PDF Checklists for students of Art Marketing ChallengeI am currently teaching a 5-Day Art Marketing Challenge online, and I have a 3 pages of Checklists as a PDF for the students, which is extremely helpful for them keep track of what they’re learning, and what they need to do next.

A new Challenge starts every second Monday — if you’re interested, I’d love to see you in the next one — sign up here to put your name on the list  >>

Whether my students come to learn in person, or sign up for an online silk painting training course, they will receive quick start checklists to make sure they can follow along and end up with great silk painting results.

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