August News 2015 – Silk Tour, Books & Courses Oh My!

August News 2015 from Teena Hughes of How To Paint on SilkWell howdy doodee! Here we are at the end of August 2015 and I cannot believe how FAST the time is flying by!

I hope you’ve been dreaming of painting on silk — I know I have, and just imagining the beautiful colours and feelings I have when I’m painting makes me feel fabulous. I hope you do too :-)

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Latest News from Teena Hughes May 2013

Hello Silkworms, here’s the Latest News!

Latest News - Teena's Podcast

Welcome to today’s Latest News – I hope you’ve been painting or being creative, and filling your heart with joy and feasting your eyes on lots of gorgeous colours!

Today I’d like to tell you about some new things for you to read, watch and listen to:

Your Say on the latest news, Silkworms!

I’d love to know if you have any questions or would love to share some stories with us – or would you like to be on my upcoming Podcasts? Drop me a note in the Comments field below – and I’ll share it with everyone next time. Many thanks in advance!

Newsletter 21 October 2012

Today’s Newsletter 21 October 2012

Hi there! I have some great news for you – the new DVD Course, “How to Make Silk Cards” – is now available as an Online Course – woohoo!


View on Youtube:

To view the latest Silk Painting Courses and DVDs:

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Newsletter 21 October 2012 from Teena Hughes (image)Please watch the video and see all the potential silk painting courses I could make for you – follow the instructions to let me know – thank you so much!!!!

PS – almost forgot!! You can now EASILY send me a Voicemail by clicking on the “Voicemail” button down the right side of the website – can’t WAIT to hear from you!