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Frequently asked questions about the Online Silk Painting Course with Teena HughesAnswers to Frequently Asked Questions

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LOGIN & MODULE 1 How do I login? I can’t find my Confirmation Email

Great question – here is the login link:

You can also find the Login button on the website when you are not logged in. Please check the sidebar to see the button.

I can’t see the videos! I can read everything on the page but where are the videos?

Hi, if you can’t see the videos I suspect it is your browser software. Internet Explorer is known to have many issues, and quite often you can’t see buttons etc on the screen when using I.E. One of our Members started using Firefox as a browser and could then see and use the videos without any difficulties. If this doesn’t work, please test another browser just to make sure. If you still have a problem, please let me know. Thanks, Teena

What happened with the login? I signed up and suddenly I’m already inside! This isn’t the same as other membership sites.

Hi there, I’m sorry you were a bit confused by the auto-login. First of all, every Membership website is different, with different software, different logins, different content. I’m not familiar with any other site you’ve accessed before, so I don’t know how they work or how you login. On this site which I’ve created, I have set it up so that once you confirm your Subscription to the Course, you’ll be notified of login details by email (for safe keeping). This software logs you in automatically the first time you sign up, which saves you time and energy in going back to your email software. I hope you enjoy your time here, please do let me know how you get on.

PS — When you go back to your email system you will find an email with your confirmation details – please do click the link to ensure you’re on the mailing list for everything to do with your Membership. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers, Teena


Why can’t I login? I get a message to say it’s “expired” or I’ve exceeded my logins, and I can’t login again today :-(

Hi there, the software is set up to allow one IP address (one computer, one location) access the Membership Area from your original computer. This is set up to prevent the login information being shared with lots of people. Are you trying to login from a different computer? Please let me know and I’ll update the settings for you. I hope this helps :-)

MODULE 2 & GETTING STARTED [private_Module 2]How much space do I need?

The amount of space you need will be determined by the size of the frame you choose to use, and also by the amount of space you have available. If you are using a frame about 30 inches square (75cm square) you’ll need to be able to rest it on a table top of some kind, or bench etc, with room for your paintbrushes, dyes etc.

[private_Module 2]Why do I need to lift the frame up off the workspace when I’m painting on silk?

I find that if the frame is a few inches/centimetres above the bench top then it makes it easier for you to paint. As you press the paintbrush onto the silk, it would be easy to touch the surface of the bench top — which is not a good idea. I use whatever I have close by to lift my frame up – it could be 4 toilet rolls, 4 cans of tomatoes, 4 items of the same height. Remember that they may get dye on them so consider that too.

[/private_Module 2] MODULE 3 & SILK PAINTING TECHNIQUES [private_Module 3]Do I apply the Rock Salt on wet or dry silk?

For the absolute best results with Rock Salt, the dye should be a DARK colour (like purple or dark blue or dark green) so you will see the effects. The dye MUST BE wet so that the Rock Salt can “do its magic” by drawing up the dye into the salt crystals. The larger the rock salt, the better the results.

[/private_Module 3] MODULE 4 – Gutta & Outliners [private_Module 4]Teena, Is Alginate the same as your seaweed outliner?

There are several different products with similar qualities, and Alginate is one which I’ve used with great success. You can definitely use this to create outlines for your silk projects.

There are several different products with similar qualities, and Alginate is one which I’ve used with great success. You can definitely use this to create outlines for your silk projects.

Teena, why does my hand hurt so much when I try to apply gutta?

Excellent question, and one which is easily fixed. The little gutta squeezy bottles work BEST if they are topped up and kept full. The more gutta you use and squeeze out onto the silk, the more empty the squeezy bottle becomes, and the HARDER it is to SQUEEZE the bottle. Top it up with more gutta, and try again – I’m sure you’ll find this helps a LOT :-)

[/private_Module 4] MODULE 5 – Steaming Techniques [private_Module 5]Teena, do all silk dyes need steaming?

There are both types of silk dyes, so when you buy your silk dyes, look at the bottles or ask the sales assistant whether the dye needs to be “steam-set”.  Over the 30 years I’ve been painting on silk, I’ve tried many types of dyes, and I personally prefer steam-set dyes, which give me the strongest colours and the brightest results.

You will probably try all kinds of silk dyes, so it’s important to keep notes in your Silk Journal as to what you like or don’t like about each dye, whether you like the colours, or the steam-setting or the result after washing the silk. Keep notes about EVERYTHING and narrow down the selection to what works best for YOU.  Think of it this way – I’ve done all MY research and found what I like best, now you can do the same :-)

[/private_Module 5] MODULE 6 – Tips, Tricks, Framing & Embellishing [private_Module 6]Is it expensive to frame and hang the silk as paintings?

Wherever you live, there will be expensive and less expensive options for everything related to silk painting.  Do some research, check out art stores, hardware stores etc in your suburb, town or city, and then do some research online too. Keep lots of notes to work out what’s going to be the most cost-effective items for you to buy for framing and hanging your silk.

[/private_Module 6] Still got questions? Please make a Comment below – thanks!

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