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Teena Hughes Silk Painting Studio August 2017

Teena Hughes Silk Painting Studio


Hello hello! Welcome to …

Teena Hughes Silk Painting Studio!

I’m so excited to have this fabulous space as my Art Studio, and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve been sorting through years of accumulation of silk of all types including some gorgeous, stunning, brightly coloured silk sari lengths I bought in Mauritius when I visited friends some years ago, silk from Thailand, China, Japan and France — such a fabulous fabric! Is it only me who like to feel the silk against the side of my face, to feel its softness??

I’m also sorting through many brands of dyes, paintbrushes, tools and all manner of bits and pieces which make up an artist’s world.  I’m in piggy heaven and having such fun!

I also have an eclectic collection of things I’ve brought back from many overseas trips, and it makes me smile as I gaze upon each one – a little burst of happy memories for each one. Some gorgeous gifts from friends jump out too and want to be recognised — all in all, this is a happy Art Studio, with the sun rising off the ocean just 5 minutes walk away, and lighting up my creative space first thing each morning.

Once upon a time I had a small card table as my “art space” in a teeny, tiny apartment, and it worked well too — no matter how much space you have, you can still be creative (well, in my humble opinion).

I’d love it if you’d like to share photos of YOUR art space (or something you’re working on) — I’ve added a little form below where you can upload a photo.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Silk Painting Courses Online – soon, my pretty!

On another note, I’m soooo excited about the upcoming online Silk Painting Courses — I’ve finally found a way to share these online (after testing lots of software, and getting great feedback — there are so many new options always being created!!). I’m creating videos, trying out new ways of taking and making videos – and loving it. Stay tuned!

PS – the first Art Marketing Challenge has been fabulous!

What a wonderful experience it has been to create a free 5-day art marketing Challenge for artists — I’ve received some great feedback and the next one will be even better – launch day is:

Have a spectacular day wherever you are!


Teena signature in pink

Teena xox

Tell me about your art space — I’d love to share it here

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