Silk Painting Puzzle 001

Silk Painting Puzzle piecesNew Silk Painting Puzzle!

Any silk painting books, videos or other art-related activities keep my brain active — what about you?

I’m excited to tell you I’ve found a way to share interesting photos using a Puzzle Maker, and I’ll be sharing these every now and then, to give you something to do in 5-10 minutes while you’re having a cup of tea, coffee etc, doodling or painting in your painting space.

This photo is something which would look gorgeous in any Art Studio

  1. this puzzle has 35 pieces
  2. start by looking for puzzle pieces to go along the LEFT EDGE
  3. drag them into position
  4. now match up the coloured puzzle pieces
  5. how long did it take you?
  6. I’ve just done this for the first time and it took me 5 minutes and 9 seconds
  7. I had fun – what about you? 🙂 Post in the Comments below, I’d love to hear what you think!
  8. was this too easy? Let me know and I’ll create puzzles with more pieces 🙂
  9. was this puzzle already completed? that’s a mini glitch, just click the symbol in the bottom left corner to re-spin the image, and you’re all set!


Stay tuned for more Silk Painting Puzzle ideas!

Did you enjoy this?

I’d love to hear your thoughts — and please do let me know what you’re working on – and if you’re happy to share!

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