[Video] A quick hello to lovers of silk painting

01 Hidee ho and hello!

Today I’m sharing a Video I made of a book review I did a while back of a fantastic silk painting book by Susan Louise Moyer — if you haven’t heard of her, now’s the time to check her out :-)



02How to buy this book

This book is one of the bibles for many budding silk artists from the early days of learning how to paint on silk, using gutta and learning lots of terrific techniques.

There have been new advances in the creation of waterproof outliners now which are easier to use than the traditional “gutta” (pronounced “gootah”), but it never hurts to know as much about your craft as possible.

Click here to buy online >>

03Brisbane Workshop March 2016

There have been some challenges with organising the Workshop for March — if you were interested in attending, how do you feel about April?

Please do contact me and let me know your thoughts — I’ll do my best to make sure everyone’s wishes are considered. Thank you!


0415-22 October on Norfolk Island — Silk Painting in the South Pacific!

Everything’s confirmed!

Very excited to visit this spectacular island for a week to meet some gorgeous silk artists — can you make it? Let me know if you have any questions, ok?

Find out more and Register here >>


I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Please do send your questions via the Contact page, the Comments below, or the Facebook page — thanks in advance!!

Ciao for now





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