Which is the best silk to buy for silk painting?

A Frequently Asked Question I hear is: “Teena, which is the best silk to buy for silk painting?”

I prefer the one which is easiest for newcomers to silk painting, and can be found pretty much everywhere :-)

White Habotai (also known as Jap Silk) is the best silk to start painting on — it’s a tight weave and fine enough for the beautiful silk dyes to spread quickly across its surface.

Thicker silks will absorb a lot more silk dye, which makes them less cost-effective for a beginner.

Habotai is quite inexpensive and can be used for many wonderful silk projects before a beginner silk artist needs to start using other types of silk like charmeuse, organza, chiffon, silk crepe, silk satin etc.

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Teena says the best silk to buy for silk painting beginners is Habotai