September 2015 — I’m in Paris!

Silk Painting in Paris with Teena HughesBonjour Silkworms!

I’ve arrived in my favourite city – gay Paree!

There’s NOTHING like the first Parisian croissant on the first day, nothing like walking around the neighbourhood in the early morning, absorbing the sights, sounds and aromas …. ahhhhh, I am so in love with Paris after more than 30 years of friendship!

I’ll be meeting up with friends, making new friends, hosting Adventures of all descriptions, and exploring the city.

I’ve rented an apartment in the 11th arrondissement (suburb/district) — I’ve stayed in it for a week last time, and this time I’m here for a whole month — bliss!

I’ve met the local baker, butcher, baristas and other folks, and I love to feel like I’m ‘living’ here. Today I walked along the street to go buy a baguette, and the butcher yelled out, “Bonjour Madame Australie!” — haha, that really tickled my fancy :-)

I’ll also be catching up with my wonderful French silk artist friends, visiting their Studios and checking out what they’re working on at the moment — who could ask for more? Checking out the fantastic textile stores in Montmartre and visiting the silk painting supply stores is always on my list too!

As soon as I get time while I’m in Paris, I’ll post some photos on Facebook — so I’ll say Au Revoir for now!

Ciao ciao


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