Norfolk Island Workshop 2016

Welcome Artists!

Teena Hughes here — I look forward to seeing you in October on Norfolk Island for our week of adventures – what fun we’ll have!

August News 2015 from Teena Hughes of How To Paint on Silk


Hot pink and lime green silk dyes handpainted by Teena Hughes


Here are a few photos of the island to whet your whistle :-)

Norfolk Island WorkshopPhotos courtesy of Wikipedia


Order Your Silk Painting Kits Before You Travel

To make it easy and to make sure you have everything you need for the Workshop you’ve signed up for, I will be providing Silk Painting Kits for you to order and buy in advance, and bring with you in your suitcase. The Kits will include:

  • silk painting dyes
  • paintbrushes
  • silk
  • thumbtacks
  • other products we’ll be using.

During each day’s painting session, we will be attaching our pieces of silk to wooden frames which can be dismantled and will fit into suitcases.

I’ll provide details on where you can buy the easy-to-use wooden frames for you to bring along too.

Also included:

  • Checklist of items to bring
  • tips and suggestions for packing your painting kits into your suitcases.

Order in Advance

The price of the Kits will be payable before they’re shipped, and will be advised around 14th August 2016, approximately two months before departure date in mid-October.

Please sign up today to be notified when the Kits are available:

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Subject: Silk Painting Kit for Norfolk Island 2016

Yes please Teena, I would like to be notified when the Kits are available.

Any Message?

Haven’t reserved your spot yet for the Workshop? Sign up today!

To find out more about the week-long Adventure in October, please reserve here:

More soon,

Teena - how to paint on silk, silk artist & textile designer


Here are some of my wonderfulonline¬† students’ finished results!!

How to paint on silk - silk student results from Fiona's Beginners' Course - photos



Learn how to paint on silk with Teena Hughes

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