What is gutta?

Ever wondered, “What is gutta?”

If you’re starting to learn about silk painting, you will be hearing or seeing the word “gutta” (which is pronounced “gootah”).  It’s on of the traditional products used for thousands of years and was originally made by collecting the sap from specific trees, then turning it into a liquid form which could be squeezed through nibs attached to plastic squeeze bottles.

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Teena - how to paint on silk, silk artist & textile designer


Hello from Teena in Melbourne

Hi there silk painting lovers! I’m sending a big “Hello from Teena!”

In case you missed my latest news, I’ve recently moved to Melbourne and am still getting organised in my new apartment :-)

Please click the video below to watch my silk tips video – and don’t forget your DISCOUNTS shown below the video – woohoo!:

View on Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew25Fju3__I

I love my Silk Studio!

Join silk artists, textile designers and surface design artists to find silk painting supplies and resources!How are you? Have you been painting on silk or being creative since my last email? I’d love to know which projects you’re working on – if you’d like to share some photos, I’d love to put them on the website so others can share as well; that’d be fabulous! I’m settling in nicely in my new Silk Studio – I’ll post some photos soon, I promise:-)
1.  Woohoo! A New DVD is almost ready!!
I’m very excited to say that a new DVD is about to be born any day now! I’ve been working on it (and a couple of others) and I’m just about to put the finishing touches on it – woohoo! Should be in the next few days (in time for you to get painting before Christmas or even as a Christmas gift!), so I’ll send a brief email when it’s ready – I can’t wait to let you know when it’s available! And it is … drum roll please …
It will retail for $US45.00 but for my lovely Newsletter subscribers I’m offering a $5.00 discount (if you order before a certain date which will be announced in the next email), woohoo! Here’s a sample card I made with some of my silk – this is called SERENITY and is hand-painted onto habotai using French silk dyes:
2.  Last chance to get YOUR DISCOUNT on my 6 Week Silk Painting DVD Course!
If you haven’t decided yet whether to purchase the DVD and watch at your leisure in your own home, now’s your last chance to grab it at a discount.
Retail price: $US187.00
Discount price until 28th September 2012: $US147.00

3.  PS — Do you use Facebook?

I’d like to chat more with silky / arty folks on my Facebook page and would be thrilled if you popped over there to say hello:
Let’s talk soon – I’d love to know how you’re going with your silk painting, cheerio for now!

How to Create a Heart for your Silk Painting

How to create a heart for silk painting - use as a templateI’ve created a very short video tutorial to show you how to create a heart for your silk painting projects.

Video not working? You can also view on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-nu-I2sFrg

In the video I show how to use a triangle shape and a circle or two semi-circle shapes to create a heart. Sketch onto paper or cardboard, cut it out, and then use it as a template for your silk painting projects:

  • create several hearts in different sizes
  • create some hearts wider or longer than others, for variety
  • paint them in different shades of the same colour, or in different colours
  • use for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Babies, and special occasions of all kinds.

I’d like share a Silk Painting question I’ve received from a few people …

Q: “I’ve never painted on silk before – is it really possible to learn from videos?”
A: My answer is, “Yes! You can definitely learn from videos!”.
I believe that this is a marvellous way to learn, and it actually has many benefits over a classroom situation:

  • in a classroom, you are one of 8 or 10 people vying for the teacher’s attention; with a video, you can pause and play as many times as you like, until you get it right
  • in a classroom, you generally need to take your own notes while the teacher is talking; with a video, you receive documents to download which include lists of products, step-by-step instructions, checklists etc
  • in a classroom, you have a set time-frame in which to learn, paint, test the techniques, pack up; with a video, you can take as long as you like, and paint in your pyjamas or in a sarong – at midnight, dawn, 5pm – whatever time suits you.

You can go back to your videos/DVD as many times as you like and HEAR the instructions as well as watching them again; in a classroom you don’t have this luxury, if you miss what’s been said, the time has passed.

Next email!!

Stay tuned for my next free lesson on painting on silk! If you have a question or comment, please fill in the form below, or use one of your preferred places to post messages – I’d love to hear from you! Here are some of the other ways to connect with me:


The first Online Silk Painting Course is a success!

I’m so thrilled that my Online Silk Painting Course has been so well accepted by the first batch of students from around the world! Here is one Student’s silk piece:

Online Silk Painting Course - Student example 01 from Maryruth

We’ve had so much fun getting to know each other, and to watch my students explore, learn and create over these past weeks has been such an honour and a joy – I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to see some of their handpainted silk results!