UPDATE on the Early Bird Silk Painting DVD

“When will the first Silk Painting DVD be ready???”

After many “challenges” between types of internet/online technologies, testing different types of DVDs, trialling different types of video formats (and a whole host of other things too long to list), I have finally been able to order a “sample” of my very first silk painting DVD – I’m so excited!

It should arrive within about a week (they’re shipped from the USA), so as soon as I see it, test it and give my approval, the complete Home Study Course Silk Painting DVD will be available online. Great news – woohoo!!

Here’s a sneak peek of my “artist’s impression” of inside the open sample DVD case:

Silk Painting DVD case opened up
Wow – those colours on the demo DVD really POP! :-)

I’ll let you know as soon as the DVD is available – not much longer now!

What’s the difference between Red Label and Green Label Jacquard silk dyes?

Have you been using Red Label and/or Green Label Jacquard silk dyes?

Wondering what the difference is?

Here’s the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth about Jacquard silk dyes, how to use them, who uses them, and what the results might be.

Dye name Beginners Professional
Silk Artists
Steam-set Fixative bath Remains soft
Green Label Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Red Label No Yes Yes No Yes

Green Label Jacquard Silk Dyes for silk paintingJacquard Green Label Silk Dyes

  • beautiful result
  • end result is somewhat more toned downed due to the fixative bath method
  • better results can be achieved by steam-setting instead of fixative bath.

Jacquard Red Label Silk Dyes

  • are fantastic for brilliance and depth of color
  • for the serious fiber artist, used by professional silk painters
  • predictable, hardy dye yielding deep shades of colour, continuous tones, pure primaries and beautiful transparencies

Red Label Jacquard Silk Dyes for silk paintingBoth of the dyes are also easy to blend and to dilute to pastels and ‘washes’.

The Green Label is fixed using the Permanent Dyeset Concentrate and this method of fixing is very easy and leaves the silk with no hand at all.
The Red Label is fixed with steam – using some sort of steam chamber. This method gives brilliant color and no “hand” (silk remains soft), but for some folk the learning curve is intimidating.

Jacquard’s website says:

Liquid dyes for silk painting—these easy to use dyes, produce rich, transparent colors that allow the translucent nature of the fabric to shine through. All 20 colors may be blended to produce an infinite range of vivid colors that flow freely on silk.

Silk Colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so they do not stiffen the silk or cover the luster. All 20 colors may be blended together into an infinite range of vivid colors or diluted with water for pastels. These simple to use dyes are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic, contain no alcohol and can be hand washed or dry-cleaned.

Green Label Silk Colors can be set in one of two ways—by immersion in our Permanent Dyeset Concentrate mixed with water or by steaming. The Dyeset Concentrate method takes 5 minutes, produces excellent colors and couldn’t be easier. But for the absolute best colors these dyes should be steam set.

This predictable dye yields deep shades, continuous tones, pure primaries and beautiful transparencies. Geared towards professional artists and productions studios, you can put this dye through its paces and it will perform. Ideal for traditional silk painting or painting on cottons and rayon it is also used in many specialty applications utilizing discharges, chemical resist, printing and diffusion techniques.

Red Label colors are modified reactive dyes concentrated for economy—they are twice the concentration of our Green Label Silk Colors. Red Label silk colors are set by steaming.


Video: What’s Inside the Membership Area?

Today I have a little video to show what’s inside the membership area – I’m still tweaking to get the “look & feel” just right, but there is plenty of content!

  • over 6 hours of video
  • tons of PDF documents to download
  • Checklists to get you started
  • Instructions & detailed printouts to put in your Silk Folder.

What’s Inside the Membership Area? Students painting on silk

Ready? Here’s the video:


“What did the students think?”

Here are a couple of emails from some of the Students:

“Hi Teena! I am having a great time following along and learning how to paint on silk! I can now access all the links and see all the videos. I find them easy to follow and understand, and love hearing your Aussie accent! Thanks for a great course so far, and I look forward to the upcoming weeks!” Karen-of-Canada


“Teena Teena Teena!! Your excitement is contagious, even if across the miles!” Maryruth, USA


“Thank you Teena for your patience and help during the course I have enjoyed every moment and couldn’t wait for the next Video!” Pam, Australia

What a great bunch of students I had the pleasure to meet and share my knowledge with – I had a blast!

If you’d like to be one of my students, please pop over to this page to read more about the courses, & sign up if you’d like to learn silk painting >>


The first Online Silk Painting Course is a success!

I’m so thrilled that my Online Silk Painting Course has been so well accepted by the first batch of students from around the world! Here is one Student’s silk piece:

Online Silk Painting Course - Student example 01 from Maryruth

We’ve had so much fun getting to know each other, and to watch my students explore, learn and create over these past weeks has been such an honour and a joy – I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to see some of their handpainted silk results!

Learn How To Paint On Silk

Hi there! My name is Teena Hughes and I want to help you learn this amazing, wonderful, fabulous ancient skill which I’ve loved for many years!

Are you ready??? I hope so!! :-)

Learn how to paint on silk - a student in the Teena Hughes silk painting course

Above: A student learning how to paint on silk with Teena Hughes


Video: Learn How To Paint On Silk

In this quick video I walk you through each of the six Modules, I show you the videos, PDFs and Checklist downloads, as well as the Questions & Answers videos. I like to know upfront what I’m getting, so I thought you might too – click the video to start it playing, click it again to stop it:


Got any questions or comments? Post them below and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Hope to see you on the inside when you decide to join me to learn How To Paint On Silk!

How To Paint On Silk Course: