August News 2015 – Silk Tour, Books & Courses Oh My!

August News 2015 from Teena Hughes of How To Paint on SilkWell howdy doodee! Here we are at the end of August 2015 and I cannot believe how FAST the time is flying by!

I hope you’ve been dreaming of painting on silk — I know I have, and just imagining the beautiful colours and feelings I have when I’m painting makes me feel fabulous. I hope you do too :-)

August News 2015 – lots to share!

August news 2015 for How To Paint On SilkI’ve got NEWS — woohoo!

On the 7th September (just over a week away!!) I’ll be arriving in Paris from Australia, to spend 4 weeks in the City of Love and Light — yes I’ll be there for a month hosting my Adventures — and I can’t wait!

This year I am not hosting Silk Painting Adventures in Paris because I’m planning for a HUGE SILKY 2016! Read on to find out more!

August News 2015 - Silk Paiting in 2016

New “How to Paint on Silk” Adventures for 2016!

I’ve started planning my Adventures for 2016 and 2017, and I thought I’d run some ideas by you.

I am starting to plan my “potential” 2016 How to Paint on Silk Workshops in the following locations:

on a tropical island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia in March (6 days, 5 nights)
Hawaii in June (6 days, 5 nights)
Los Angeles in June (2 days, 1 night)
Paris in September (6 days, 5 nights)
and on Norfolk Island in October (8 days, 7 nights)

2017 : on a cruise ship in the South Pacific! dates to be confirmed!

All of these Adventures will cover the  basics plus a range of techniques,
interesting and fun!

I haven’t hosted many in-person Adventures the past few years, and the Online Workshops have been helping so many students — but I really love to meet people who want to learn or already know how to dabble a bit in silk painting. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with a few dates and locations. Would you like to meet me in person? If you would, fantastic! This could be a way to do that :-)

It all depends on whether enough students will be interested and I’m wondering if any of these dates sound interesting to you?

I haven’t finalised any dates yet, but I thought it was worth mentioning NOW to give folks time to plan ahead. Just click this link to fill in a little form to let me know why you like!



August News 2015 Moci-up of 3 Silk Painting Books

New Books for Silk Artists!

I’ve been busy planning some books to publish, and rather than the same old type of silk painting books, I wanted to create books which can also help with the organised, practical side of silk painting!

I’ve almost finished the first one — a book where a silk artist can write down everything about each silk Project they start, to track dyes, type of silk, techniques used and much, much more.

I’m still working on the names/titles for the books.

Here are the current ones:

  1. Silk Artist Project Planner
  2. Silk Artist Silk Painting Techniques
  3. Silk Artist 10 Ways To Use Silk Paintings

Here is what I’m thinking of changing them to:

  1. Project Planning for Silk Artists
  2. Silk Painting Techniques
  3. 10 Ways to Use Silk Paintings

I’d like to get your opinion — what do you think about these Titles, are they better than the ones in the image above? Is it clear what you’ll get in each book?

If I remove the big bold heading SILK ARTIST and change the Titles they can make more sense, what do you think?

Would you like to make your own recommendations?

Please send me a message or Comment on this page and let me know, I’d really appreciate your feedback – thanks in advance!

Silk painting student in ParisA new way of teaching, perhaps?

For quite some time now I’ve been trying to work out the best way to share information with you, keep Members happy, and to provide good information on painting on silk. I’ve tried setting up Memberships and creating videos, yet something still didn’t quite fit … I wasn’t sure what it was, so I kept looking and searching online this past year, trying different solutions but never quite finding the “right” one.

The good news is — I think I finally have! I’m still running some tests and will let you know as soon as I can unveil this – very exciting!


Got a few more minutes to spare?

Why not listen to my Podcasts where I answer questions from folks just like you — it’s sort of like listening to the radio — let me know what you think! Click the image below to see the List Of Podcasts:

Podcasts with Teena Hughes on How To Paint on Silk

or click this link:


We come to a close on August News 2015

That’s it for today, I hope you’ve found time to do something arty recently, especially if it makes you feel good :-)

Ciao for now, next news might be from gay Paree!


4 thoughts on “August News 2015 – Silk Tour, Books & Courses Oh My!

  1. Joining you is a lovely thought! Doing it is another. Life is handing out some challenges right now, but I still hope to get started at some point soon.

    • Hey Marjorie!

      So lovely to hear from you — I do hope your challenges become less challenging and every day is filled with colour.

      When you’re ready to get started — or before — let me know if you have any questions, OK?

      Have a gorgeous day, wherever you are in the world :-)

      sitting in my local cafe — I now live on an island off the coast of Australia!

  2. i am a silk painting teacher on the big island. I might also have a few students I can talk with and I will do that. I mostly do wearables and bias cut silk dresses.

    Which island? I am in the kona area on the big island. I look forward to seeing you then.

    • So lovely to meet you Debra!

      and yes if your students would be interested, the more the merrier :-)

      I’m just starting to look for accommodation and space for teaching – or perhaps even outdoors “plein air” would work.

      I haven’t researched the islands yet, but I’ve heard Kona is so lovely, and it would be fantastic to meet you in person!

      Let’s keep in touch — your wearables look ever so lovely!

      Cheerio for now

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