003 Paint on Silk with Teena Hughes

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In today’s podcast I answer two questions from people struggling with their silk painting and Gutta (the resist, a gum-based outlining produce to draw on the silk) pronounced as “Gootah”.

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Your Say about Silk Painting

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2 thoughts on “003 Paint on Silk with Teena Hughes

  1. As to design and drawing, there are great pattern books to get you over the design humps. Use magnets to attach or suspend the pattern under the silk so you can easily trace the design. Once you get comfortable with some premade designs, you can pursue your own

    • Hi Debra, thanks for dropping by!

      There are so many easy and simple ways to get a design onto the silk, many of which I cover in my online Courses, and videos on Youtube, and it’s always great to hear what others do as well. The magnet idea is also a good one.

      In regard to pattern books, getting ideas from looking at these is always a great idea.

      Making a design unique is also very important, so the artist always has designs which will be different from everyone else’s.

      Hope you have a gorgeous week!

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