Media and Press Mentions of Teena Hughes

Media and Press Mentions of Teena Hughes

If you’d like to read some of the Media and Press Mentions of Teena Hughes, please follow the links below.

Media and Press 2018

Press Release

  • Feb 2018 – Brisbane Silk Artist Teena Hughes Launches Sumptuous Silk Painting Workshops
  • Feb 2018 – Brisbane Artist Teena Hughes Announces new Tantalising Textile Adventures in Paris in September 2018


Media and Press 2017

  • Teena Hughes of launches new Online Workshop – “5-Day Art Marketing Course for Beginners”.


Media and Press 2016

Media and Press 2015

September/October 2015

  • Teena Hughes hosts Silk Painting and Textile Taster Tours in Paris, France


Media and Press 2010



Artists For Life organiser Sharon Davson initiated the Celebrity Hands Up project ( to assist endangered species awareness. She invited international singing legend Neil Diamond to launch the Hands Up project with her.

Teena Hughes and the other Artists for Life Members were instrumental in the success of this very simple form of art, with participants providing an autographed handprint using colourful paints. For Teena the injection of humour helped engage the celebrities and ensure the whole process was fun and memorable.

Teena capture the hand-prints of many celebrities for this project, including Sam Neill, George Negus and Glenn Robbins to name just a few.

People’s Choice Awards Dinner
Regent Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australia
1993 ~ 23 November

New Zealander and internationally acclaimed actor Sam Neill and Australian film and stage actors Eric Bana, Lorraine Bayly, Ryan Clark, Dominic Elmaloglou, Melissa George, Steven Jacobs, Garry McDonald, Julie McGregor, Romy Meerkin, Judy Nunn, Bruce Roberts, Denise Roberts, Bruce Samazan and Noah Taylor, television and radio presenters George Negus, Don Burke, Dr Harry Cooper, Trisha Goddard, Clive Hale, Melissa Hannan, Lyn Talbot, Angus Tattle, Tonia Todman and Peter Luck, Australian author Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Deborah Curtis, athlete Jane Flemming, Lauchlan Forbes, Noelene Hogan, Craig Hurst, Mike Matthews, comedians Matt Parkinson, Alan Pentland and Glenn Robbins, director Adam Pinnock, DJ Jose Piscador, actress Pauline Roberts,“SOLO” magazine’s Lucy Walker, Mark Walker and David Wallace.


Endangered Species Exhibition

Taronga Park Zoo
Sydney NSW Australia

21 September, 1992

Australian environmentalist John Dengate was present at an Artists For Life Sydney Branch exhibition for endangered species awareness in the Platypus Gallery at a Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW.

Teena showcased brightly painted Australian endangered animals and birds as silk wall-hangings, scarves and framed original paintings.

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