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Getting ready to publish silk painting courses online

I’m getting ready to publish new silk painting courses online

Woohoo!  So exciting!

I’ve also been testing new software for making videos and hosting the Courses and much more.

I’m not sure if you know it, but I’m half arty-farty and half techie — and I get to combine both every day 🙂

Wearing my techie hat, I create videos for artists and business owners around the globe, a job I love.

I’m always on the hunt for new video-making tools and technologies, and trying different ways of using video to help folks find potential clients and customers.

The speedy samples in the video above are a little bit of fun — I’m going to be creating timelapse footage for tasters and samples of my upcoming classes, like a really fast bird’s eye view.  I love, love video making 🙂 AND painting on silk!



Gorgeous colourful designs from Guatemala and my new Silk Painting Course!my new Silk Painting Course!

A gift for you!

COURSE:  How to Steam Hand-painted Silk with a Bamboo Steamer

LINK:  https://gum.co/bamboo101

LAUNCH DATE:  Saturday 11th December, 2017

SUBSCRIBER’S GIFT: For everyone on my mailing list, $10 off for the next 7 days! Check your email for the Discount Code!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Courses which will also be launching very soon.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Course!

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