February 2017 Paint On Silk Newsletter

February 2017 Paint On Silk News & Updates

February 2017 Paint On Silk NewsletterHello hello Silkworms!

Good news! This year I’m going to share more of my arty-farty projects and processes, not all of which are about silk painting.  I thought you might like to know more about the other arty things I do, and perhaps something might inspire you along the way — I’d love that!

Over the past week or two, I’ve received a couple of emails asking about the different products I use, so today I want to talk about one of my sketching processes and a few art supplies.

Over the years I’ve bought many different types of paintbrushes, so I do have a few suggestions and recommendations.

The brushes:

  • need to be soft and supple
  • need to hold a good amount of silk dye
  • need to be easy to look after
  • need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

The quality of paintbrushes:

  • I recommend starting out with the least expensive ones you can find (check out the dollar shops in your country for soft brushes)
  • take your time to get the hang of using your soft paintbrushes for silk painting, and don’t buy expensive versions until you feel very comfortable with the less expensive ones
  • it is extremely important to gently wash the brushes at the end of your daily painting session, and never leave them with dye still on them
  • following these simple tips will ensure your brushes last many years.

I do use a variety of brands and styles, from the skinniest brushes (for fine detail on the silk) to the thicker ones which hold a lot more dye and can paint large surfaces.

If you’re planning to paint LOTS of large surfaces or backgrounds with one colour, you might consider using Foam Brushes (which are very inexpensive).

What are the Watercolor Pencils for??

I’m glad you asked 🙂

I carry an A5-sized Artist Notebook in my handbag every day I leave the house — I sketch, take notes, write down observations, colour combinations, designs, patterns, etc etc etc — you get the picture.

Over the years I’ve also carried watercolour pencils to colour in some of my designs, and a small paintbrush with to dip into the tiniest amount of water to ‘wash over’ the watercolour sketch. The pencil marks start to look like actual paints once they’re gently flooded with water, so you may need to  have a tissue handy so you can blot up any excess water as required.

As with the paintbrushes,  just buy children’s watercolor pencils – the least expensive – for your simple notebook sketching and design ideas.

Jacquard Dyes are an excellent brand

If you’re not sure which SILK DYES to buy, Jacquard is a great place to start.

If you wish to follow along with my lessons, videos, courses etc, you’ll find I ONLY use SILK DYES — I do not use silk PAINTS — that’s an entirely different way of painting.

I also have other silk dyes I like to use, and I can talk about those another day.

You can find Jacquard Silk Dyes on Amazon here >>

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions!

Talk again soon! If you’d like to chat, I’d love to hear from you!

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Have fun! Enjoy!

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I hope you enjoyed this February 2017 Paint On Silk Newsletter — I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

Ciao for now!



  1. Hannalore Richards

    thank you. not able to do much at the moment but still enjoy your newsletter

    • Hi Hannalore! Thanks so much for reading my latest Newsletter, and for posting a lovely comment <3

      I look forward to hearing from yu when you are back painting again


  2. Gosto dos seus tutoriais e tenho que perguntar sobre como fazer gutta e aonde se pode comprar esses materiais?

    “I like your tutorials and I have to ask about how to do gutta and where can you buy these materials?

    • Hi Filomena, thanks for visiting my website!

      I am so pleased you have enjoyed my videos about silk painting.

      You will find videos with gutta and outliners on this page, and you will soon be able to sign up as a Student my online Silk Painting Courses.

      You can find most silk painting products in many countries, by searching online, or by following links I provide on my website.

      Let me know what you’re looking for, and I should be able to find links for you.

      Cheerio for now

      Portuguese Translation:

      “Olá Filomena, obrigado por visitar o meu site!

      Estou tão feliz por você ter gostado dos meus vídeos sobre a pintura de seda.

      Você vai encontrar vídeos com gutta e outliners nesta página, e em breve você poderá se inscrever como um estudante meu online Silk Painting Courses.

      Você pode encontrar a maioria de produtos de pintura de seda em muitos países, pesquisando em linha, ou seguindo as ligações que eu forneço em meu Web site.

      Deixe-me saber o que você está procurando, e eu deveria ser capaz de encontrar links para você.

      Cheerio por enquanto

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