Creating a big, bold hand-painted silk design with thick black outlines

I’ve been going through some old photos reminiscing about times past in my silk painting life, and it’s been like catching up with old friends 🙂 Here’s one painting day I remember very fondly:

Creating a big bold hand-painted silk design

big, bold hand-painted silk design

  • Silk: Habotai 8mm (Mommie) thickness
  • Outline: Black (I mix up my own) – use any gutta or outliner which works with the brand of silk dyes you use
  • Dyes: French (use any brand of silk dyes you prefer).

This was what I call a “doodle day”, sitting in my Studio, French music playing, masses of tropical plants and palm trees outside my window with the sunlight filtering in to help create a perfect environment for painting. Ahhhh bliss!

I’m always surrounded by loads of colourful things, so with a steaming hot cup of coffee, I let myself daydream and doodle on the silk with a paintbrush or a plastic squeeze bottle of outliner, and before I know it, a new design or style is born 🙂

It’s the experimenting which I love, because I never know what I’ll have at the end of the day!

And I enjoyed this so much! What do you do to get creative with some little ‘play’ pieces of silk, to excite your creative juices? Post below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Have fun! Enjoy!

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