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Are you afraid of making a mistake with silk painting?

It’s understandable if you’re nervous or afraid – I was once too.

Are you afraid of making a mistake with silk painting? Let me help you

Everyone knows silk is expensive, and the thought of making a mistake while learning to paint is SCARY!

So I found a way to help my students lose their fear and stress about ruining an expensive piece of silk.

In my Workshops, I talk about this right at the beginning, and then I draw a grid on a sheet of paper — 10 grids x 10 grids.  This represents one metre of silk Habotai at approximately 100cm x 100cm.

To practice silk painting, you only need a small piece of silk, so I calculated that if the silk is about $10 per metre, then one square of 10cm x 10cm works out to be about 10c — that’s right — TEN CENTS.

Not so scary now is it? All you need to do is paint on small pieces of silk (20cm x 20cm is good, about 8″ x 8″) and if you make a mistake, you haven’t wasted anything or ruined anything. In one of my online training courses, I recommend you keep all these pieces you’re not happy with — and then I show you how to turn them into fabulous gifts!

Are you afraid of making a mistake with silk painting?

I hope you’re not anymore! Go forth and paint on silk — it’s a marvellous thing to do!



Teena Hughes of AbfabDesigns.com - Silk Artist, Fashion Designer

Teena Hughes
Silk Artist | Textile Designer

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