April 2017 Silk Painting Update with Teena Hughes

April 2017 Silk Painting Update with Teena Hughes

April 2017 Silk Painting Update

Hello gorgeous Silkworm / arty-farty artist! 🙂

Here are today’s quick updates:

I’m moving! The truck is booked!

I’m knee-deep in packing boxes (again) and can’t wait to be in my huge apartment/Art Studio around the middle of April – woohoo! My new Studio is fabulous, all white, and I’ll have my white cube storage on each of the walls to make sure my art tools all have a place of their own.

It’s soooo exciting! Each new location sneaks into my blood stream and inspires me with its own brand of colour, pattern, style and design – wild and wonderful, bright and vivacious! I’ll have photos to share in the next update.

A little bit of silk gorgeousness using cold wax outlines, and hot pink and orange French silk dyes.

Silk Painting Books – can you help??

I’ve been planning a couple of silk painting books and I’ve got a great idea but I need your help — and I’d really love your thoughts and feedback.

For at least a year or more I’ve had an idea to create a book about silk painting artists, of all skill levels, which could encourage others to dabble in this amazing and ancient textile art.

So — the question is — would YOU be interested in appearing in a book which I’ll create?

I’m thinking:

  • a 2-page colour spread for each artist
  • a short Bio about how you got started with silk painting
  • up to 3 photos with Descriptions
  • one line to your website or Facebook or other page where people can find you and send you a message.

If this is something you’d be interested in, all you have to do is REPLY to the email I sent you, with YES PLEASE in the Subject line.

If I get enough arty farty silkworms interested, I’d like to start creating the book in about a month’s time. I’ve got my fingers crossed in anticipation!!

Thank you for filling in the Questionnaire!

I’ve now got plenty of data to start making decisions about which courses to create first — and what it is exactly that everyone would like to learn! So excited!

Are you in business?

Do you have trouble marketing yourself? I’ve recently published something which you might be interested in.  In my techie world I get a lot of enquiries from people who are totally confused by the idea of marketing:

  • how much
  • how often
  • how expensive
  • how to get started
  • how to track results, etc etc.

So I put on my Thinking Cap and contacted women around the world who had already had some success with marketing their businesses.

I ended up gathering 50 fabulous techniques with step-by-step instructions so that even a newbie could get started. I turned this into a book and published it on Amazon, and decided to keep the price low so that even artists could afford it 🙂

If you’d like to read more about it and see inside the paperback book, pop over here to see “50 Marketing Secrets of Success Women” by me, Teena Hughes >>

How an artist is making a living selling paintings on Instagram

When I read this news headline I was mighty curious to see HOW this is being done, how LONG it has taken to set up — and whether it is EASY enough for someone else to duplicate.

Read more to find out! >>

Sorry this April 2017 Silk Painting Update was sent to you a bit late

Moving house is always stressful, but the added logistics of being on an island made the whole adventure more challenging indeed! 🙂 Thanks so much for you patience – I really appreciate that. And thanks too if you were one of the lovely people who contacted me to see why I hadn’t sent a Newsletter in April — you all rock!

Big hugs all round,

Teena! xo

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