002 How to Paint on Silk Podcast with Teena Hughes – Air Pens


002 How to Paint on Silk Podcast – AIR PENS

Today’s video is the second How to Paint on Silk Podcast which I launched in 2014 — I’ve got a great question from Angie.

I created 5 in my first short Podcast Series, and I’m ready to start making more!

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions, I’d love to add them to upcoming Podcast episodes! Pop over to the Contact page and let me know – thank you!

Transcript of Youtube video #002

Hi this is Teena Hughes from howtopaintonsilk.com

This is podcast number 2 and I’m very excited to send out this podcast and see if it works okay.

So I’d love your feedback please do let me know if they are any good or make any sense or if you have any questions or suggestions, or even if you’d like to be interviewed by me. It’s all new technology so let’s give it a shot.

Okay, today’s question is one that I’ve received from Angie.

Angie wrote in and said, “Teena, I’m experimenting with different types of resist; I’ve purchased an air pen but do not like using it yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! P.S. I would love to go to Paris but it’s not in my budget.”

Thank you for writing to me, thank you Angie that was absolutely lovely to hear from you with your question, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing the answer here.

I’d like to say bravo on the beautiful silk scarves from the photo that you sent me, they’re absolutely gorgeous!
Now this is a curly question, I haven’t used a Gutta Air Pen myself but like anything in art I imagine it’s all about practice, practice, practice.

It took me years to master a Gutta Squeeze Bottle Applicator, but when I did, it was a dream to use.

Before that it was big blobs or dots of gutta where I didn’t need them. And it was such a frustrating thing to use, so after many years of practice in applying I got comfortable with that — enough to be able to feel in control and to be happy with whatever happened, rather than expecting a perfect gutta line every time.

So I think it’s a bit of both, giving up the need for “perfect”, added to lots of practice.

What exactly is it that you’re not comfortable with? Is it the grip? The consistency of the gutta? Is it uncomfortable to hold?

What is it about the regular plastic applicator bottle that you didn’t like?

Maybe I can make some recommendations on that which might help you, if you’ll try that out next time.

Okay that’s it — Angie’s question and my answer, I hope you found this interesting, I’d love to hear your feedback.

If you’d like to find out more about how to paint on silk pop over to my website http://howtopaintonsilk.com — this is

Teena Hughes,

cheerio for now, bye, bye!

# End of Transcript #


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