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001 How to Paint on Silk Podcast with Teena Hughes

001 How to Paint on Silk Podcast


Today’s video is the very first How to Paint on Silk Podcast which I launched in 2014 — I’m chatting with Lynne Taylor.

I created 5 in my first short Podcast Series, and I’m ready to start making more!

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions, I’d love to add them to upcoming Podcast episodes! Pop over to the Contact page and let me know – thank you!


Transcript of Youtube video:

Teena Hughes: Hi there, this is Teena Hughes of http://How-to-Paint-on-Silk.com and today I’m chatting with Lynne Taylor, a silk artist in Sydney — and I just like to say hello Lynne and welcome!

Lynne Taylor: Hi too, good to see you again.

Teena Hughes: Now what we’re actually doing today is we’re chatting over Skype so we can see each other but because this is an audio recording there are no pictures but I’ll see what I can do to get some pictures on the page when I publish this on my website. So Lynne how long have you been painting on silk?

Lynne Taylor: Oh gosh, how long since the workshop that you run where I learned how to paint silk, 6, 7 years?

Teena Hughes: Somewhere like that yeah. So Lynne was actually one of my students and has been painting on silk on and off ever since because she makes beautiful clothing and what’s your website name Lynn?

Lynne Taylor: http://LynneTaylorDesigns.com

Teena Hughes: That’s great! All right — so Lynne, when you paint on silk, what’s your preferred silk, which do you use the most?

Lynne Taylor: I love the silk chiffon.

Teena Hughes: Yes, me too.

Lynne Taylor: When I make a garment, I just love the way the Chiffon is very soft and floaty. The other silks — oh it breathes. Some silks can get really hot. And silk chiffon is easy to work with, the dye loves it. ,

Teena Hughes: And surprisingly it’s easy to sew — many people don’t even try it because they think it would be too hard but it’s been my preferred silk for years as well, and it’s very easy to paint

Lynne Taylor: It is, yes. I used to be afraid of silk, painting on silk, until I met you. I the workshop and now I’m a silk-obsessed person.

Teena Hughes: Yes you are and as I’m looking at the Skype window I can see all kinds of gorgeous silk creations hanging on the cupboard behind you – they look wonderful.

Lynne Taylor: They’re for my next exhibition.

Teena Hughes: Very good, so tell us when is your next exhibition?

Lynne Taylor: It’s going to be in July.

Teena Hughes: Okay, July 2014 — and where will that be?

Lynne Taylor: It’s going to be at the Thornleigh community center (in Sydney, Australia) — I belong to a craft group and they do everything — we’ve got textile people like myself been maybe only 3 of us, jewellers and leather workers, paper makers,, glass, jewelry makers everything.

Teena Hughes: Oh fantastic.

Lynne Taylor: Here I have a couple of exhibitions different every year, mid year and at Christmas — this year we’re having three.

Teena Hughes: Wooooh!

Lynne Taylor: I thought I’d been start getting organized early.

Teena Hughes: Yes like now. It’s January — time to get started!

Lynne Taylor: Well July for the first one sounds like a long long way away, but when you think of January February March April May June July, 6 months that’s only 24 weeks.

Tina Hughes: It will go fast. — It will go very fast.

Lynne Taylor: So I’ve been caught before but not this year.

Teena Hughes: Okay so what are your favorite colors to work with, with the silk dye?

Lynne Taylor:The purples and pinks, the turquoise I guess is my favorite of all colors with the silks, I just love the turquoise. Fuschia, love the fuschia. Black of course everything I make is black and something else. With the purple they’re my favourite colors.

Teena Hughes: Excellent! Very good — okay Lynne — I’d like to say thank you very much for being on my podcast today, and to all the listeners I’d like to say hope you enjoy this, stay tuned I’ll be making more of these podcasts very soon, cheerio for now bye bye!

Lynne Taylor: Bye everyone.


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